Energy Saving

Get Full Advantage from Energy Saving

When you are looking to replace your heating or air conditioning system, one of the biggest benefits is the improved energy efficiency you can expect from modern systems. It means:

Cooling and heating a home can guzzle a lot of energy.

  • LOWER RUNNING COSTS: A more energy efficient system will have lower running costs, and save you money on energy.
  • MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Since electricity-generation often creates considerable carbon dioxide emission and pollution, lower energy usage can benefit the environment.
  • FEDERAL TAX CREDITS: In an effort to persuade more homes and families to install energy efficient heating and cooling, the Federal Government offers a variety of tax credits for complying equipment and installations. In some cases it may mean a tax credit of $300 for your installation
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It isn't going to matter how efficient the system if it's the wrong system for your commercial business. Not to mention that it won't heat or cool properly. Undersized systems will struggle to cope with demand, oversized systems will cycle on and off, creating temperature fluctuations, higher energy loads starting up unnecessarily, and less than optimal humidity. As the US Energy Protection Agency recommends: "Your new heating and cooling system should be a custom fit for your commercial business. Sizing and a handful of other installation practices can dramatically affect how well your new equipment will deliver comfort and savings."


As the US Energy Protection Agency says, "When buying new equipment, it is important to get a quality installation, make sure you get a contractor who can do the job right." It isn't enough to get the right system, it needs to be installed properly too. And that's why GulfTech Air, LLC is the right choice for your heating and air conditioning installation.

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